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"Perro-Pro" is the engineering and production company focused on the development of effective technologies for bioconversion of agricultural, household and food organic waste. Our portfolio includes patented and proven solutions for the processing of various types of waste from poultry farms. It is essential that all our technologies and engineering solutions are not just aimed at the recycling of waste, but focus on the production of an array of high value-added products.


Close co-operation with the leading research and technology oriented institutions, Federal Research Centre of Biotechnology RAS and the Institute of Poultry Processing Industry (VNIIPP) provides a solid background for our R&D activities. We reside on the laboratory and analytical framework of these institutions for verification of the developed technological solutions and quality control of the final products. The company's in-house engineering, production and design competences allow successful development to the industrial stage and commercialization of the innovative technologies.


Currently the company is focused on the industrial implementation of the proprietary technology of the production of high-protein feed additive based on poultry processing waste




Director of science

Professor  Vladimir Popov

Academician of the RAS, President of the FRC Biotechnology RAS, is the author of over 300 peer reviewed publications and 18 patents, winner of the prizes of the Government of the Russian Federation in the field of Science and Technology.

Development Director

Alina Osmakova

Responsible for the strategic development of the project, partner ssearch, GR and PR. She has long-standing record of launching and building managing a Technology Platform Biotech2030 – the non-commercial organization uniting research institutions and industrial companies that became one of the most efficient instruments of promoting biotech industry and bioeconomy in Russia.

Executive Director

Evgeniy Sviridov

Responsible for project management, supervises financial, commercial and technical areas of the project, as well as sales.

He has experience in managing the companies, as well as the experience in creating sales structures and production facilities from scratch.


Alexander Turukov

Development and implementation of non-standard equipment. Automation of technological processes, provision of technology support, engineering problem solving. Author of 33 patents.

Feed product

The deficit of feed protein in Russia is estimated today at about 2 million tons. Worldwide this figure is as high as 10-25 million tons and has a tendency to grow. According to UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) estimates, in order to provide the World population, which will reach ~10 billion people by 2050, with safe and healthy food, it is necessary to increase the production of beef alone by 43%, which is impossible without development of the adequate fodder base. Coastal industrial aquaculture is growing quite rapidly, also requiring a high-quality feed base. Experts note also a steady increase in the demand for pet food. At the same time, the requirements for the quality of the protein component of feed are constantly increasing.

Special attention is being paid to the digestibility of the protein and its amino acid score.

Protein Feather Hydrolysate PFH


Our team has developed and patented a proprietary technology for the production of high-protein feed additive.


It is not a conventional feather meal! This is a fundamentally different product, comparable in key parameters with a fish meal. It boasts high protein content (85%) combined with excellent digestibility (about 90%), balanced amino acid composition, high content of sulfur containing and branched amino acids. All these favorable properties allow to use PFH as a protein component in the formulations for the diets for farm animals, poultry and fish, as well as in highly marginal pet food formulations.



  • Protein content (Kjeldahl, %)                                    ~85
  • Digestibility (GOST R 51423-99,%)                           >85
  • Amount of essential amino acids (g/100 g protein) ~35


The product in ample amounts can be provided for carrying out the feeding experiments

Technology and production process

Raw materials - feathers from the broiler poultry farms.

During processing, the feather is subjected to extrusion and short period (up to 90 s) of high temperature and pressure treatment leading to the hydrolysis of the feather keratins and resulting in high digestabiloty (85-90%) of the final product.

Relatively short feather processing time allows to preserve from degradation proteins, amino acids and other useful components of the product.






Preparation of the feathers for processing (removing debris, lowering moisture content)

Forwarding the feathers to the universal proprietary hydrolyser-extruder

Transformation of the feathers to the melting state under the effect of short-term exposure to high temperature and pressure accompanied with extrusion

Drying the product and cooling it to normal temperature


Packaging in Big-Bags


Terms of cooperation


For poultry farms


We offer poultry farms a partner program for the joint production of PFH, and for using the final product as a protein additive in poultry feed.




For feather suppliers


We purchase dry and moist feathers of any hazard class at competitive prices.



E-mail: info@perro-pro.ru

Address: Moscow territory of the innovation center "SKOLKOVO", Bolshoy Boulevard, 42 p. 1 room number 1448 place number 31.

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